When you go inside of Vanilla Unicorn and walk up to a stripper they will ask if you would like a private dance. You can accept or decline, if you accept then they will tell you to follow you to the back room. If the strippers like bar is full at the end of dance or you just press the button to quit the dance.They will offer you the chance to get another dance, get a double dance, go home with her, or just quit. If you choose to go home with her then you will exit out and get in your car.

Once you get in your car you have to go to the back of the club and pick up the stripper. When she get into the car on your map will show the way to the stripper house. In about 5 seconds or so while you are driving the stripper most of them or all of them, they would crossover and start sucking your cock. The only problem is that you wouldn't be able to see inside the car to see her sucking, but I have a little trick just look through the front windshield & windows to see the action. You can keep driving or stay put at the stop light.

When you get to the stripper home then you have to follow her to the door steps and then you have lost sight to see them doing it. For example Sapphire she would say I love sucking a big cock, now all the strippers will have a few sexy words dealing with sex. Then a few seconds later when exit out the building in a couple of seconds the stripper would text a sexy photo by that her number would be added to your contacts.

Now your option is to do the club thing or call and see if she wants to party. The thinks is if you call then either it will say she is busy or she will pick up and say not right now. But at one point she will say meet her behind the club.

Also remember to never scare her or the next time you go to see her or to get a little sugar. You would have to get a re dance to get the like bar full again.

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