Front view of the car

The Sentinel XS is a two-door sports car that is manufactured by Ubermacht it is a high performance version of the standard Sentinel.


The car design features a sporty design found on the 2007-2013 BMW M3 (E92).The differences between the normal version and this version is carbon fiber front splitter,door mirror shells and the highly prominent carbon roof found on the BMW M3 E92.This version doesn't feature open-top mechanism.


The performance of this version is much better than the regular version such as Top speed,handling and braking is improved over the standard model.The similarities between this version and the normal version is durability.



  • Very commonly spawn in Rockford Hills alongside its's normal version.
  • Tends to spawn in La Puerta,Mission Row,Pillbox Hill.It will only spawn when Hao's street races is started.

GTA Online

  • Tends to spawn when requested by Simeon.
  • Spawn more often when the normal version is driven.
  • Can be bought from for $60,000.

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