Pedestrian reactions

A pedestrian challenging a player to a fight. When the gun was pointed at him he ran.

Pedestrians are non-playable characters or may be used in Director Mode.


Pedestrians may interact in many different ways. They can sit down, drive cars, take photos with their phones and more. Pedestrians will act differently in different ways depending on what is happening. When dragged out of their cars, they can either run away screaming, call the police, shoot at the player (if they have a gun) or try to claim their car back. When provoked (i.e. punched) they can either run away, get into their car and drive off, pull a gun at the player or challenge the player to a fight. If a pedestrian is unarmed, it will run away as soon as a gun is pointed at them.  If a pedestrian is willing to fight the player they will run away instantly when a gun is pulled out by the player.

Types of PedestriansEdit

There are many types of Pedestrians. Truck drivers, who will almost always try to retrieve there truck back when they are stolen (If the player has a gun out when the truck is stolen, they will always run away, as the player forces them out of the vehicle at gunpoint), construction workers, who also fight back when challenged in any way. Cab drivers, who will 100% of the time run off scared. There are also homeless people, who commonly state that they are homeless, and there are also rednecks, who are all located in Blaine County and Sandy Shores. They will sometimes fight back, and sometimes even have a gun, mostly the ones in a vehicle. Lastly, there are gang members,  most of them are armed with guns, if you cause trouble in their neighborhood, they can come out of there cars and shoot at you. 

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