Michael De Santa formerly known as Michael Townley, is the one of the protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V.


Michael was once a bank robber who worked with Trevor. He retired at some point in his life and, by the events of GTA V, he is in the FIB witness protection program.

Michael moved with his family to Los Santos from North Yankton because if he got found by Trevor, he would rather die somewhere sunny instead of where it snowed all the time. He is wealthy as he mentioned buying a large house and was seen driving a red sports car. He is married to Amanda and the father of Jimmy and Tracy, children whom he wants to be like the children seen on television. Although throughout the game Micheal and Amanda split up, causing Micheal to become a bit mentally unstable. The first half of the game it appears that Michael left bank robbing to go into witness protection. This opportunity saved his life as the last job he did in North Yankton went down the drain. The FIB officer who shot him Dave Norton had made a deal with Michael when he got shot. Michael gets to live, and Dave Norton gets to be known as the guy who killed Michael Townley. Because of this witness protection, he is now known as Michael De Santa. He is voiced by Ned Luke

Michael in the official trailer.

Michael, Franklin, and Trevor in the Flesh

Quotes Edit

  • Big Daddy's back! Not that anyone gives a ****!
  • I'm home! Not that anyone gives a ****!
  • Anyone?!
  • ENOUGH!! EE-******* -NOUGH!! I get it!
  • So your just going to drive into me?!
  • I've seen some bad drivers, but YOU! WHOOHOOHOA!
  • Daddy's back *******!
  • You define everything that's wrong with this place!
  • You should get some help with that personality of yours.
  • (Over the phone) STOP FIRING ROCKETS AT MY HOUSE!!
  • When I say you suck, I mean, you really suck.
  • Big Daddy in the house!